After counseling teenagers and their families for over twenty five years, I enjoy stepping beyond the counseling office to spend time conducting training seminars and workshops for adolescents, parents and professionals who interact with teenagers on a regular basis. I would be delighted to partner with your organization to help the individuals in your group make a lasting impact on the lives of teenagers. My dynamic and highly energetic presentations will engage your audience from the start while offering helpful insights and strategies that will benefit their relationships with adolescents.

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The seminar titles listed below are a sampling of the various topics that I have done for audiences over the last few years. The title should give you a general sense of the topic. If you are interested in learning more, then email me through the contact tab and I will gladly send you the bullet point outline of the talk.  The length of each workshop can be scaled to fit your needs, however, most are between 45-90 minutes in length. It can also be tailored or combined with other seminars to be used in a retreat or multi-evening series.

I have regularly spoken in both Christian and non-Christian settings and am very accustomed to adapting my workshops to meet the needs and parameters of a particular group. Please contact me by clicking the CONTACT tab if you would like more information about any aspect of my seminars.


  • BEHIND THE “SCENES”: Helping your kid/teen effectively manage anxiety, anger and stress.
  • TECHNOLOGY and THE HOME: The good, the bad and the ugly
  • HIDDEN HEARTS: Knowing, nurturing and navigating the 8 core desires of your kids/teens (Based on my upcoming book)
  • A WORLD APART: Building bridges between parents and teens
  • RAISING EMOTIONALLY HEALTHY KIDS: Helpful insights, healing habits
  • FROM THE FOYER TO THE FAMILY ROOM: Inviting Jesus into the life of your home
  • TAMING THE TIGER: Disciplining  your teen to help them grow…even as they growl
  • UNCHARTED TERRITORY:  Understanding the impact of contemporary culture on critical aspects of child/adolescent development
  • HAZARDS AHEAD: Parenting the teen brain
  • WHEN THE HEART CRIES OUT: Leading and loving kids and teens through pain



  • TREATING ADOLESCENTS AND MINORS: Practical Considerations and Ethical Issues (3 hours): This workshop meets the requirements for “ethics” training
  • A WORLD APART: Understanding Adolescent Development in the Midst of Modern Culture (3 hours)
  • ALTERNATE ROUTES: Creative Interventions that Meet the Deepest Needs of Today’s Teens (3 hours)

*CEU Credit can be offered for counselors, teachers, social workers and psychologists for these and other professional workshops approved and administered through the Cornerstone Institute at Cornerstone Counseling Center



  • HEARTS UNKNOWN:  Discover how our deepest desires tell us more about who God is than about who we are.



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