Finding Wisdom in the Maze


1.     If you are in a hurry, please do not enter the maze.  This maze takes time. Most people do not finish in less than 90 minutes.    

2.     Collect pieces that are hidden throughout the maze in gray mailboxes.  Pieced together they will form a map to help you find your way out. 

3.     Please stay on the paths.  Short-cuts through corn stalks are not allowed

4.     Kids, stay with your adults.  Adults, supervise your kids.

5.     Paths are rough and bumpy.  Watch your step.

6.     Please be kind and courteous to others who are in the maze with you.

After quickly reading the rules, my son and I eagerly entered our first corn maze.  Confident we would hear our names announced as the fastest corn maze participants for the day, we scurried down the leading path.  The stalks of corn towered over us on each side, creating winding trails interconnecting with each other across 7 acres of farm land.   As we traveled through the maze it was clear we had no strategy.  Despite our impulsive decisions, we lucked out and quickly found three mailboxes holding puzzle pieces.  The map that would lead us out of corn world was rapidly coming together.   We slapped each other high fives and boldly predicted we would make it out of the maze in less than 90 minutes!   Unfortunately, our celebration ended pretty quickly, when we found ourselves circling the same area of the maze repeatedly.

With the afternoon sun taking center stage overhead, our morale began to sink. Both of us were hot and tired and frustrated by the repeated dead ends.  The maze felt more like a cage at this point.  This is when we briefly began to reconsider the guidelines for the maze.  Should we go ahead and try taking a short cut through the corn stalks in order to cross over into a section that seemed out of reach to us?  Convicted by the very thought of taking the easy route, we encouraged each other and pressed on.  SLOWLY, but surely we entered new sections of the maze and located more pieces of the puzzle.  The way out became more and more obvious to both of us.  When we found the last piece we squealed and excitedly sprinted toward the exit of the corn maze.  I am proud to say we made it in record time!   Yes, our time of 2 ½ hours was one of the slowest times recorded that weekend.  Regardless, we were the owners of a completed map maze puzzle and a precious memory made with each other.

There are many treasures in life that require us to be persistent in our efforts to find them much like the corn maze was for my son and me.  In Proverbs 2 we are told that even in our search for godly wisdom we must be patient seekers who are willing to slowly put the pieces together in order to find what we desire.  Wouldn’t it be so nice if the Lord granted us wisdom and guidance as parents at the mere clap of our hands?  Instead, he allows us to hit dead ends so that we are moved to call out in desperation for understanding.   In Proverbs 2:1-6 we find several requirements as we search for His  treasures.  They are

    IF YOU…    

  1. accept my words
  2. store up my commands within you,                                                                                                                                                                   
  3. turn your ear to wisdom
  4. apply your heart to understanding—
  5. call out for insight
  6. cry aloud for understanding,
  7. look for it as for silver
  8. search for it as for hidden treasure

The list of verbs suggests action and/or intentionality toward God and His word.  Moreover, they are not something that we can do for short periods of time or on just one occasion.  They are lifestyle verbs.  God’s wisdom cannot be found through a quick treasure hunt.  Yet there is a promise for those who remain steadfast, refusing to take short cuts in their search for His will and His wisdom.  Proverbs 2:5-6 says “Then you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God.  For the Lord gives wisdom.”

As you seek His wisdom today in the ordinary and extraordinary circumstances of your life, may you be sustained by Him as you heartily or wearily accept, store, turn, call out, cry out, look and search for His guidance.  And I pray that together we will understand the fear of the Lord as we discover His wisdom.

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  1. Julie McGrath says:

    LOVED this Jackie…SO SO GOOD and insightful. Oh how I need God’s wisdom in every way!! Thank you for your good words!

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